Galvatron, originally known as Megatron, is a character featured in The Transformers and The Transformers: The Movie.

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Megatron was one of the first robots capable of flying in robot mode. War Dawn


On Cybertron

During the Golden Age, a period of peace and prosperity, Megatron was built. On the night of his activation, far below a city, he was standing tall on a table in a room surrounded by Constructicons. He came to the surface and shot the leader of the Autobots at the time, Sentinel Prime. Fatally wounded, Sentinel Prime proceeded to give the Matrix of Leadership the oldest of the Autobots, Alpha Trion, to keep it safe for many years until the Autobots could find a new leader. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4

The Golden Age would continue to flourish for a few years despite the death of Sentinel Prime. During that time, Megatron was building his army and had already attacked one of the outer cities. The Aerialbots had arrived from the future, meeting a gentle robot named Orion Pax, his friend Dion, and his girlfriend Ariel (who had already heard of Megatron's military endeavours). Megatron and two of his soldiers had been flying above the while the two groups met, sparking conversation about him. When Orion was guiding a ship into the energy docks, Megatron introduced himself to Orion who was very eager and honored to meet him. Megatron explained he was looking for a place to store his wares, hoping the hangar by the energy docks were available. The Aerialbots had seen Megatron flying to the docks and rushed to the hangar.






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