Galen is a Nebulan in the Generation One continuity family.

Prince Valiant in a dress.

Galen is a member of Nebulos' supreme ruling body, the Council of Peers. Within the council, he leads the World Watchers as a caretaker of the planet's ten thousand years of peace. Keeping this peace is an obligation Galen holds above all others, even above the love he shares with Llyra. Indeed, it is for this integrity that Llyra loves him.

Llyra is the daughter of Lord Zarak, a senior member of the Council of Peers, with whom Galen frequently disagrees. Galen is friends with Duros, the commander of the council's security force. Both Galen and Duros are committed to peace no matter the cost.

This resolve would be tested when the Transformers arrive on their homeworld.


Marvel Comics continuity

Galen opposed Lord Zarak's efforts to wage war against Fortress Maximus' band of Autobot refugees. Ring of Hate! When the Decepticons arrived on Nebulos, he volunteered to undergo the binary-bonding process in order to help the Autobots defend Nebulos. Broken Glass! Love and Steel! Brothers in Armor!! After leaving Nebulos, Galen arrived on Earth only to be killed in battle by Scorponok. Spike Witwicky subsequently assumed the role of Fortress Maximus' binary-bond partner. Trial by Fire!


  • In a UK text-story retelling of the Headmasters miniseries, Galen was named Kord. Why this happened is anyone's guess.

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