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Galaxy Shuttle is an Autobot from the Victory portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
G1Galaxy Shuttle boxart

Galaxy Shuttle does not have a very interesting name. Nor does he have an interesting personality. Nor does he have an interesting job, which is basically "Autobot bus, but in space."

However, he does have the ridiculously interesting "Meteor Crusher" ability to become the center of a swarm of meteors which he can use to smash land-based targets to a fine powder. Yikes.

Italian name: Space Shuttle


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Victory animated series

Voice actor: Shingo Hiromori

With the exception of Metroplex, Fortress and Grand Maximus, Galaxy Shuttle is possibly the largest Autobot. Combiners barely reach his chest. As a shuttle, he has to live on top of the fortress launchpad habited by his compatriots, which makes him...... pretty big. That said, Deathsaurus has no trouble putting him in his place, with extreme prejudice.

Victory manga

Zone OAV/manga



  • Galaxy Shuttle (Autobot, 1989)
Japanese ID number: C-326
G1 GalaxyShuttle toy
Galaxy Shuttle transforms into a large space shuttle. His cockpit opens to hold a Micromaster or similar-sized robot (like the Brainmaster units). His cargo bay is also deep enough to fit a suitably low-riding Micromaster in vehicle mode. He is designed to be able to rest on the launching pad of Countdown's Rocket Base in the place of its normal rocket.
Galaxy Shuttle was inexplicably also available in the GiG Transformers line.


  • Galaxy Shuttle was later retooled and released in Takara's Brave Command Dagwon line as Thunder Dagwon.

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