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The Galaxy Force was a manga series written and drawn by Yoshihiro Iwamoto. It was published on Comic Bom Bom from February, 2005 to October, 2005.


Galaxy Convoy manga

Vital statistics

GalaxyForce manga vol 1

Cover to the collected edition vol. 1

Collected edition Volume 1
  • Published date: August 5, 2005
  • ISBN 4-06-332030-8
  • Pagecount: 254
  • Footnote: The volume 1 of the collected edition features an extra graphic novel which is labeled "Mission 00".


When Yoshihiro Iwamoto was notified that the manga was going to come to a sudden end by the editorial staff, the pre-publishing work of the first volume of the collected edition was already over. Thus the last two issues of Galaxy Force are not featured in the collected edition.[1]


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