Galactic transports were used by the Autobots to evacuate Cybertron.


Transformers: War for Cybertron 

After learning that the core was corrupted, and Cybertron could no longer sustain life, Optimus Prime ordered the evacuation of Cybertron by all Autobots. Several galactic transports were seen taking off into space, but Trypticon, in his cannon mode, began to destroy the fleeing vessels. Optimus ordered Silverbolt and his Aerialbot squadrons to take the gun offline so that the ships could continue their journey. The Autobots kept the rest of their transports grounded until the threat was destroyed, an action that prompted Megatron. After Trypticon was thought to be defeated, the rest of the galactic transports safely took off from the planet. Optimus Prime then announced to the remaining Autobots that he had commissioned a new galactic transport for them, an Ark, for their evacuation and journey through the stars.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron 

Megatron blamed Optimus Prime for the shutdown of Cybertron, and launched a ruthless assault on the ruins of Iacon, with a main objective to destroy the Ark. Powerful warp cannons were mounted onto the destroyed buildings of the city, and began firing on the Autobot vessel. However, Optimus was able to destroy the cannons with the help of the newly activated Metroplex, leaving the Ark unharmed but without a sufficient energon supply to fuel it. Later, Metroplex insisted that his own energon be utilized to launch the Ark to a space portal, reported by Grimlock to be the work of Shockwave. However, Megatron pursued the Autobots in Trypticon, who was now permanently offline and locked in his new alt-mode, the Nemesis. The portal was rapidly becoming unstable and sucked both ships into it. 


  • According to Megatron, galactic transports were originally designed as "cargo haulers."
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