Ga'mede is a Decepticon-allied Micronaut from the Generation One continuity family.

No, not bishy at all.

Ga'mede (ガ三ード), son of the royal house on the planet Xeptos in the sub-atomic "microverse", was going to be executed in a family power struggle. The exiled Decepticon Magnificus, peering into the Microverse, witnessed the act of betrayal and quickly pulled Ga'mede out, increasing his size to better fit into this dimension.

Ga'mede is extremely devoted to Magnificus for saving his life, and has sworn to help him carry out his heartless campaign of revenge against the Decepticons who betrayed him. He's an expert with numerous weapons, both projectile and melee, and usually has several on his person.


Generation One

  • Magnificus & Ga'mede (Decepticon, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: 68
    • Accessories: 5 sets of replacement hands w/ storage rack, 2-piece "Photon Armor" bandoleer, holster, gauntlet, "Magno Gun" pistol, "Photon Wave (光子波) Rifle", "High Frequency (高周波) Machete", stand
Available only with the e-Hobby exclusive Magnificus, Ga'mede is a redeco of the Microman 2004 Microman "Walter". A super-posable figure, he has six pairs of interchangeable hands for different poses and weapons, and unlike regular modern Microman figures, has a painted head rather than chrome silver. He also comes with multiple weapons; his pistol fits into his leg-mounted holster, and his machete clips onto his clip-on gauntlet. As he is a Microman, he can ride (ahem) Magnificus in the Decepticon's tank mode.


Gamede eromenos


  • Ga'mede's story was based on the Greek myth of Ganymede who was swept away by Zeus. You can guess for what. As such, some fans find the whole Magnificus/Ga'mede situation pretty... funny.
  • The Microverse, of course, is a reference to the Marvel Comics Micronauts series, another little nod to obscure American fiction by bio-writer Hirofumi Ichikawa.
  • Like the Japanese version of Kicker, this set celebrates the shared history of Takara's Transformers and Microman lines, pairing a Microman toy that homages various Japanese 70s/80s sci-fi style shows (thought it does also come across as kinda Cobra-ish) with a reproduction of a Transformer in its original Diaclone coloration.

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