The GT System is a plot device from the Generation One continuity family.


Simultaneously Smokescreen

The GT (Genetronic Translink) System is a device that allows a singular spark or laser core to simultaneously control many duplicate bodies. Conceived of by Chip Chase during the Binaltech project, the principle was to place an Autobot's spark in subspace where it could access translink ports back to the real world, connecting to multiple Transformer bodies at once. It was designed to bolster the number of operational Autobots in the aftermath of Swindle's modified Cosmic Rust infection, which resulted in them being substantially outnumbered by the Decepticons. This technology was used in different ways by several Autobots.

Smokescreen was the first Autobot inputed with a GT system. He became capable of operating in up to four different bodies at once. Used sparingly, each of his bodies would gain new memories and experiences while active, and later download and consolidate these experiences into a single history.
Jazz was given a GT system, but used it solely in conjunction with only one other Binaltech body. Nicknamed "Zoom-Zoom", this body was given its own AI in addition to being connected with Jazz, allowing it to function with varying degrees of skill even when Jazz is not "possessing" it.
Wheeljack adapted the GT system to govern three unique bodies for himself. He maintained his original Autobot body, but installed a translink receiver in it so that he could also function in a second Binaltech upgraded form. These bodies were known as his "Alpha Unit" and "Beta Unit" bodies, with a third "Omega Unit" shrouded in secrecy. Wheeljack engineered this version of the process after learning of his own impending doom from the time-traveling Ravage. He believed this "Body Shop Project" could simultaneously preserve the timestream and save himself and the other Autobots fated to die.
Prowl had a single back-up body known as the BT-15 GHS unit (Generic Host Shell), a blue variation of his own Binaltech body frame. Not only could Prowl command the GHS, but it was also open to translinks from other Binaltech Autobots, enabling them to summon it as an emergency duplicate if necessary.
Skids employed the GT system in a different way. Instead of using multiple copies of himself, he used the translink as an emergency escape system, allowing him to subspatially "beam out" of his body if substantially injured, and take over a new Binaltech body held in reserve at a secure location.

Early testing had demonstrated the possibility of personality problems and mental instability if the GT system was overused, but no official cases were ever disclosed.

Nonetheless, the system has been involved in one significant loss, with the emergency attempt to use the GT system to remotely install Prowl's spark into his new Binaltech body ultimately proving unsuccessful, and the spark seemingly lost. For now, Prowl is up and operational again with Chip Chase's life-force substituting for the missing spark.

Since Smokescreen's original GT upgrade, GT system compatibility has been included in all Binaltech body frames. It is not known whether the system has been retrofitted to other earlier units.


  • The concept of the GT system and its name seem to have been inspired by the Hasbro release of Mirage GT in the Robots in Disguise toyline. (Keep in mind RiD and Binaltech are both parts of G1 in Japan.) As there was already a Mirage character in that line and "Mirage GT" was given no bio or explanation as to who or what the "GT" was the writer for the Binaltech profiles took the opportunity to work an explanation into the Binaltech storyline.


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Specifics: RiD Mirage GT, all 4 BT Smokescreens in car mode (1 pic))

Robots in Disguise Mirage GT (2002)
The first GT toy. This is believed to be a GT body for the Spychanger Mirage.

Binaltech Smokescreen (2003-2004)
Smokescreen had 4 separate Binaltech toys, as the only Autobot that chose to maximize the GT System by operating 4 bodies at once.

Binaltech Prowl, Vivid Blue Pearl Edition (2005)

Binaltech Blue Prowl toy

The BT-15 GHS Unit is a prototype Generic Host Shell usable by any Autobot equipped with the GT system. Though nominally Prowl's backup body, it can be used by other Autobots in an emergency.

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