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G.I. Joe to the rescue! But is it too late?


To save the world, G.I. Joe disobeys orders and flies their sizable army to Cobra Island to prevent the nuclear launch from hitting the energon reserves which could possibly destroy the world (bad). As their forces alight, they pass by several Cobra aircraft leaving the island to escape the battle between the freed Transformers.

At the Pentagon, the government official in charge gives the command to nuke the island, unaware of the effect the nuclear blast could have on the energon which, at the same time, Megatron has found a way to develop on Earth using the SPS Satellite.

Outside Cobra's facility, Devastator blasts Hound. Snake-Eyes shoves a grenade in Starscream's eye (which is awesome). Elsewhere, Storm Shadow uses a S.N.A.K.E. to fight off several Autobots to allow Cobra Commander to get clear of the danger.

Optimus charges into Cobra's base, eager to stop Megatron's machinations. He shoves one fist through Soundwave's chest (non-fatally) and brushes away the three Reflector components. Ravage is downed with a tight squeeze, but Megatron retreats.

On the beach, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and the rest of G.I. Joe have managed to defeat the mighty Devastator. They don't have time to enjoy their victory, as General Flagg radios to Hawk (who relays the message to Wheeljack, who broadcasts the news to the rest of the Autobots) that the nuclear weapon will be fired.


Writer: Josh Blaylock
Penciler: Mike S. Miller
Inker: Cory Hamscher
Colorist: Lynx Studio
Letterer: Dreamer Design
Graphic Design: Mike Norton

  • Release date: December 3, 2003 (cover date is October)

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras


Mother of pearl. It's like Jurassic Park... if all the dinosaurs had big honkin' guns...

—A G.I.Joe has a GREAT IDEA

Items of note

  • The government official who gives the order to "nuke" Cobra Island is possibly the President of the United States, George W. Bush. Although he's not explicitly named, there is a physical resemblance.
  • On the last panel of the page he speaks on, the possibly-president speaks in a manner of a voice bubble generally reserved for electronic messages.
  • Hound is blasted by Devastator. Being that he wasn't given a Cobra-vehicle mode, and his placement at the time, it can be guessed that perhaps he was hanging out with Wheeljack and Bumblebee and just not doing anything. He's not dead!

Covers (2)

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