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Jurassic Park comes to Cybertron.


Below Cybertron's surface, a group of Cobra and G.I. Joe survivors takes stock of their situation. Storm Shadow reports that he saw the sequence Shockwave used to lock down Teletran 3's teleportation sequence, meaning they can try to reverse it. Beachhead proposes sending someone up the via the conduit shaft that brought them down here, but to avoid detection they can't have any metal in or on them. Lady Jaye and Roadblock meet that requirement, and volunteer. Stripped to their skivvies, they start rappelling up the shaft.

Above, Cyclonus and Shockwave discuss the humans' ingenuity in regard to implementing the teleporter. Shockwave intends to vivisect the survivors for research purposes.

Lady Jaye uses a quick physics lesson to save Roadblock from a pulse coming down his cable. Soon they arrive at the control chamber, where Shockwave is amusing himself by taunting Perceptor about his plans to strip Earth bare. Their conversation is interrupted when Roadblock makes his move, grabbing a pistol loose from one of Shockwave's troops. He manhandles the gun into firing position and manages to score a couple of hits, providing enough distraction for Lady Jaye to reach Teletran 3. Despite Starscream's shouted warning, she enters the sequence, and in a flash of light, Team 4 returns. Right behind them: the Dinobots!

Newly reformatted into massive and powerful forms, the Dinobots cut a destructive swath through the Decepticons, driving them to retreat.

The next day, the grip of Shockwave's rule has been broken. Optimus Prime thanks the humans for their help. Prime and Lady Jaye agree to make sure that all the teleportation technology is destroyed on both Earth and Cybertron, as Cobra Commander and Destro nearly come to blows. As the humans prepare to go home, the Baroness notes that Cobra Commander isn't too upset over losing Starscream; CC replies that "they can keep him."

At that moment, on the other side of the planet, Shockwave is undergoing repairs in his headquarters. Starscream is brought before him, and manages to talk his way out of being seen as a traitor. But at that moment, a voice begins speaking: Cobra Commander! Via a recording, he explains that Starscream's been nothing but trouble... and that his hull is lined with explosives. The top of Shockwave's command tower disappears in fire.

Three months later, at the McMath Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Spokane, Washington, Dr. Mindbender receives some visitors from the National Security Agency. They fly him off to a secret compound, and order him to take an elevator below or be killed. Mindbender realizes they're not NSA, but he has no choice. Below ground, he finds himself facing a group of beings not of his world: Pythona, Nemesis Enforcer, and the servants of Cobra-La. They intend to open a dimensional gateway, heralding the coming of Unicron!


Story: Dan Jolley
Pencils: Tim Seeley, E. J. Su
Inks: Andrew Pepoy
Coloring: Val Staples
Lettering: Robin Spehar of Dreamer Design
Editor: Mark Powers

  • Release date: December 1, 2004

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras Others


"You know, I always thought I'd die in Scotland."
"Maybe I can help you with that, once we get back to Earth."
"American humor..."

Destro and Stalker

"Oh my sweet lord. Saved by physics."

Roadblock avoids electrocution

"They don't see us yet."
"Saved by scale."

Lady Jaye and Roadblock

"Man oh man... you will not believe where we've been."

Dusty heralds the coming of the Dinobots

"If you're hearing this recording, Starscream, you've somehow managed to escape from me. I imagine you've gone off to rejoin your Cybertronian compatriots at this point, yes? If that's the case, then allow me to address your superior. Starscream has been an unending thorn in my side. He is insolent, lazy, would have killed me if he'd had half the chance, and at this point has become next to worthless. ...But it's nothing the forty-five pounds of plastic explosive I lined his housing with won't fix."

Cobra Commander, as Starscream goes boom


  • Tomax/Xamot was among the humans captured by Cyclonus and Shockwave at the end of last issue. How'd he get down below with the others?
  • Dirge and Ramjet were among Shockwave's troops in the Teletran 3 control room. One of them is still shown, but he's colored as a random generic.
  • Where'd Ultra Magnus go?
  • The start of Cyclonus' statement to Shockwave ("I have to say...") is misdirected to another Decepticon.
  • Starscream briefly reverts to his G1 colors before going back to the correct Cobra hues.
  • That must be the slowest-moving electrical pulse in the entire universe.
  • Perceptor gets a Decepticon-purple speech balloon for his "Optimus Prime is still alive" line.
  • Pythona's speech doesn't quite match up with the details of Unicron's coming as revealed in the Black Horizon miniseries.

Items of note

  • There's a LOT of random Decepticon extras running around in this issue.
  • The Unicron/Cobra-La plot thread wouldn't re-appear in the third series, but would drive the fourth one.
  • Meets or exceeds previous installments' levels of awesome.


Joetfii 04a

Me Grimlock not ride, me king! Get off, Lady Jaye!


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