A Fuzor is a Transformer whose alternate mode is a fusion of two or more distinct kinds of beasts.


This condition is most commonly brought on by a stasis pod malfuction, often when its scanner chooses two native life forms simultaneously. This is the cause given on the toys' cards, where the malfunction was blamed on the Quantum surge caused by the destruction of the Vok Planet Buster.

Known FuzorsEdit

Known Fuzors include:



Magmatron is unique among the Fuzors in that he has three complete beast modes, which can operate separately as well as combined. He is clearly identified as a Fuzor in his Toy Bio, however. A "Tri-Fuzor" to be specific.

Tigerhawk, though counted as a Transmetal 2, is the oddest of the Fuzors, being a combination of two different robots rather than just two diferrent animals.

In addition, according to the Toy Bios of the Mutants they were previously Fuzors who were affected by Megatron's anti-transformation virus. These were:

The earlier, Fuzor forms of these characters have never been depicted in any official medium. They were also depicted in IDW's The Gathering comic as existing on Beast Wars Era Earth, which would suggest that they might not have been Fuzors in the IDW version of the G1 continuity (or that Megatron was already performing his anti-transformation virus experiments).


Beast Wars cartoonEdit

Silverbolt and Quickstrike were the only two "stasis pod error" Fuzors to be depicted in the cartoon.

Each of them had significant data track loss, and had personalities dominated by a single trait (Silverbolt had chivalry, while Quickstrike had cruelty). It is unclear whether these are common traits of Fuzors, or if the stasis pods experienced additional damage beyond the DNA scanners, although it must be noted that the episode imediately before their first appearance ended with a pair of stasis pods, one of which anounced, though somewhat garbled "All systems Malfunctioning" implying that the entire pod was broken. Furthermore, its unknown occupent had to punch their way through the hatch, which did not open.

Further, there is some evidence to suggest that these two might have been partially Transmetal. In the episode "Other Visits" the Vok Metal Hunter incapacitated the normal beasts, but left the Transmetals and Fuzors intact.

The practical upshot of this is that the most commonly available depiction of Fuzors may well be of very unusual Fuzors.

IDW comicEdit

The Fuzors make an appearance in The Gathering, as do the Mutants.

Prime' cartoonEdit

When recovering from induced stasis, Ratchet makes mention of "Fuzors who need their voice box repaired" in a very drunken manner. He also mentions Bantor specifically, saying "Bantor was all mandrill, until I put some tiger in his tank!".

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