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Meltdown's experiments are failed attempts at forced evolution from the Animated continuity family

Pretenders hide the Transformers inside.

Meltdown's greatest dream is to create the organic equivalent of a Transformer; a human that can take on any form it desires. To that end, he attempted to manipulate two adult humans genetically (the mammal-like one happened to be his lawyer). Sadly, the experiments failed, and he was left with a pair of hideously mutated beings which may be as powerful as any one of Prime's Autobots, but fall short of the glory for which Meltdown was aiming. They now act in a similar capacity as Colossus Rhodes, playing the role of loyal enforcers/bodyguards.


Animated cartoon

Meltdown created the pair on Dinobot Island, and while he attempted a similar experiment on Sari Sumdac, he left Prowl and Fanzone to battle the mutants. The pair managed to hold their own and escape, capturing Meltdown in the process. The mutants and Rhodes tracked them down, but were soundly walloped by the Dinobots. Survival of the Fittest

Later, Meltdown used the pair to keep Optimus and Grimlock occupied while he experimented on Blackarachnia. Unfortunately for him, Swoop and Snarl showed up and ended the fight early, causing the mutants to run away in terror. Black Friday