A little kid's gonna give "Mean Megatron" Greene a Coke.

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In the wake of defeat, Megatron isn't happy.

Detailed synopsis

In a lower layer of Gigantion, Scourge helps the battered Megatron walk after his thrashing at the hands of Metroplex (which happened last episode). The Decepticons offer words of encouragement, but Megatron isn't listening.

After Optimus recalls their short time on the planet, he asks Metroplex to guide them to the central layer, but the leader of the planet says they can't. It's not that they don't want to, but their customs dictate that data on old cities be erased, so the lower levels are as much a mystery to them as they are to the newcomers. As the Autobots start unloading the Ogygia, they remark that they can hopefully narrow their searches of old cities for old data if Vector Prime can get a general fix on the Cyber Planet Key, with the help of the Omega Lock.

Back underground, Megatron is fuming, literally. Ransack and Crumplezone get a little too close and get knocked backwards by the sheer force of Megatron's "aura of fury". Scourge assures everyone that it's not them he's angry at... and then Megatron's fury boils over, creating an energy blast that scatters the Decepticons and punches a hole to the surface. Megatron rises high into the air, and the Decepticons pull themselves from the rubble. Soundwave announces he's "droppin' outta this session" and flies off.



Megatron rumbles that he needs more power, and the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key reacts to his anger... as does the Omega Lock, which starts emitting the Omega Frequency. Megatron's spirit resonates with the Key, and spectral-Megatron pushes through layer after layer of the planet, all the way to the resting place of the Key. It resists him, but Megatron draws energy from it, and shoots back through to the surface, tearing a huge hole in the planet... and comes out again enveloped in black "mist". Thunderblast swoons.

Cyb DontscrewwithGalvatron 1

So, the G1 Galvatron homage is Megatron, and the G1 Megatron homage is Galvatron? That's some kind of backwards.

Back at the Ogygia, Vector Prime says he's found the key, but that the disturbance means someone else has too, and drawn energy from it. The Autobots split into groups and search (the fliers, in their own group, end up having a little race). Vector notes Landmine's team hasn't reported back... and the trio are laying around, having been pounded senseless by the darkness-enshrouded Megatron. Optimus' team finds them, and Metroplex notes the lack of collateral damage in the area, meaning they were knocked out fast.

Elsewhere, Override is trying to outrun Megatron, but gets knocked into the air. Quickmix catches her and fires at Megatron before engaging him hand-to-hand... and is quickly knocked out. Optimus' team finds them too, and Override warns Optimus about the upgraded Megatron. The teams are all called back to regroup...

Coby is crawling through an old computer when Jetfire alerts his team about the recall. Jetfire orders Coby to get out of there right now, but Coby's seen something and asks for five minutes to check it out. Meanwhile, the Cybertron Defense Team has gotten its clock cleaned by Megatron, while the other Decepticons follow, making sure to stay behind suitable cover, of course. They come across Jetfire's team, and Wing Saber and Evac tackle Megs so Jetfire can get Coby (who found and retrieved something from the tunnel) and Lori away safely. Which doesn't work, as Megatron wipes out the Autobots pretty much instantly, then conks out Jetfire. He turns to the humans, but Jetfire grabs his leg. Before Megatron can finish Jetfire off, Optimus arrives to cannon-blast the Decepticon. Megs quickly attacks and sends Prime tumbling to the ground, and announces to the world he is now Galvatron (again)!


We got MRxL!

Metroplex has at Galvatron, but the Decepticon stops the giant's Sparkdrinker axe with a single finger, then pushes him back easily. Metroplex powers up his weapon with a Cyber Key, but Galvatron actually takes the weapon from Metroplex's hands and bashes him with it, knocking him out for the count. Vector Prime leaps in but is dispatched with a single swipe of Galvatron's hand.

Galvatron then powers up with a Cyber Key to unleash his spiked-arm-add-on-thingy and bash Optimus around some. Prime refuses to stay down, so Galvatron uses a second Key to unleash his gatling cannon, which sends Optimus flying. In victory, Galvatron emits a lightning storm, and one bolt screams towards the kids at the top of a high tower... but Optimus somehow gets in the way of the bolt, saving them.

Optimus remembers the promise he made to Coby and Lori's parents to keep them safe (keep Coby and Lori safe, that is, not their parents), and powers up to super mode. The two do that fly-at-each-other-then-punch-each-others'-fist-and-hold thing, before Galvatron is pushed back. But Prime falters, and Galvatron is ready to go again... until Metroplex hurls the gigantic Sparkdrinker at Optimus. Prime manages to summon a Cyber Key to power it up, and the two rush at each other again, this time to do that run-past-each-other-then-stand-still-then-the-hero-kneels-the-bad-guy-smirks-but-is-then-wounded deal. The Decepticons rush to Galvatron's aid, and he decides to call it a day. They run, and Soundwave, who has been watching this whole time, also flies off.

The Autobots return to the Ogygia, and use the machinery Coby recovered to plot a course underground. The ship heads for the coordinates, but they find a giant crevice along the way, with the Atlantis starship in the middle, having crashed on Gigantion!


Original airdate: ???

Written by: ???

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


  • Ernesto (29)
  • Lori's Mom (30)
  • Mr. Hansen (31)
  • Mrs. Hansen (32)

Notable quotes

"We'll find that needle a whole lot faster if we're searching only part of a haystack!"


"He's trippin' 'cuz he got served."

Soundwave, referring to Megatron's strange behaviour

"No, no. But I felt great disturbance within the force"

Obi-Wan Kenobi Vector Prime, forgetting this isn't Star Wars

"You're so square."

Wing Saber to Jetfire

Ransack: "He beat them like a drum!"
Thundercracker: "Megatron opened a big can o' whoop-butt on them!"
Crumplezone: "Whooooop-butt!"
Menasor: "Sure, laugh, but his power scares me."
Thunderblast: "It scares me how hunky he is! Hee hee hee!"
Scourge: "Hunky?"

—The Decepticons discuss Galvatron's power.

"I have changed. I am no longer Megatron. Megatron was a loser!"

Megatron Galvatron introducing his new identity

"I am invincible. I am Galvatron!"
"New look, same old lines."

Galvatron, who is lame, and Optimus Prime, who is right.

"Nothing you say or do will make you my equal!"
"You're right!"
"I know!"
"I'd never stoop down low enough to be your equal!"

Galvatron and Optimus Prime deliver less-than-impressive banter.

"Ah, you do have something left. But you really can't expect to fight Galvatron with an axe?"
"I'm...gonna take a...whack!"

Galvatron and Optimus Prime again

"If you keep asking for it, I'll keep giving it! It's on!"
"I wish you'd shut up!"

Galvatron gets the best comeback ever from Optimus.

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Ransack's "mask" seems to disappear at random.

Continuity errors

  • So... now there's this gigantic hole in the planet, yes? Which presumably leads from the Key at the center of the planet... all the way to the surface where the Decepticons are... so... why don't they just fly down the hole and snag the Key all easy-peasey?
  • The three Decepticon fans on Crumplezone's back when he and Ransack celebrate Galvatron's reveal are gone in the next shot, even though the fans in their hands are still there.

Transformers references

  • Metroplex says "Don't get a glitch in your rotator cuffs!", which is close to a line Kup says in the original Transformers movie, about a "burr in my rotator".
  • Speaking of movie references, Galvatron mutters "Such heroic nonsense" before powering up with a Cyber Key, the infamous line Generation One Megatron uttered before brutally killing Ironhide in the movie.
  • Later, Galvatron adds another instance of over-use of movie lines with "Why throw away your life so recklessly?" (this line was used again in Unfinished).

Real-world references

  • When Megatron communes with the Key, Vector mutters he "felt great disturbance within the force"... a very Obi-Wan Kenobi-esque moment, referring to the Force from the Star Wars movies (of which there was a novel called "Vector Prime"!!!)

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Okay, okay, this is technically the last time we see Nemesis Breaker... but it's only in flashbacks to last episode.
  • Quickmix uses his left-arm pipes as a hand-held blaster here, which the Quickmix toy can actually do!
  • Even after Galvatron got hit, he still appeared to be in better shape then Optimus so there really wasn't any need for him to run away. This is like what happened way back in Masterforce when Hydra and Buster first appeared.


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