Furg is a Decepticon-employed human in the Generation One continuity family.

I... are those fringe boots?

Furg (full name unknown) was utilized by Starscream to frighten off and/or dispose of people who interfered with the flow of customers into the Dancitron nightclub, which apparently included going after innocent breakdancers.

He led a gang of roughly fifteen punks and one mind-controlled businessman in performing his strongarm sidewalk defense. Furg's equipment, presumably furnished by the Decepticons, included at least two laser pistols and a communications device featuring a video display. How - or if - the Decepticons paid him is unclear.

Note: Furg's name was not revealed in "Auto-Bop" itself; it comes from the script of the episode.


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Chris Latta (US), ??? (Japan)

Truly Outrageous

Furg first appeared from an alley as Poplock and Rocksteady were breakin' on a folded-up cardboard box across the street from Dancitron. He pulled the cardboard out from under them, toppling them in mid-groove, and declared that the streetcorner belonged to Dancitron. "The management" wanted them out.

When Poplock questioned his affiliation with the club, Furg summoned a group of thugs with a single motion of his hand to show he meant business. The Bop Crew decided to hightail it out of there, and the gang gave chase with-intent-to-pummel. Unluckily for Furg's desire to inflict grevious bodily harm, both the Bop Crew and his gang ran in front of Tracks, who had been hiding in an alley in vehicle mode. Tracks and Blaster soon came to the rescue, causing the gang to break out their laser pistols.

Furg had one gun melted into goop in his hand by Tracks' sharpshooting - which strangely did not appear to scald him - and a second laser weapon he produced ceased working courtesy of Blaster's electro-scrambler, prompting him to aim it at his eye. Ridiculously outclassed by the Autobots, he and the gang fled.


"Never mind the earwax, we've got Hex Pistols."

Later, Furg spotted Poplock and Rocksteady after they had been given free passes into Dancitron. He contacted Starscream on his communications device, informing him of the sighting and asking if he should "put them out of the way". Starscream responded negatively, informing Furg that he had a use for them.

As the Dancitron club was later demolished and the Decepticons' plot to build... something... was foiled, it can be assumed that Furg either found a new line of work or went back to general thuggery. Auto-Bop

It is debatable whether or not Furg was under the influence of the Decepticons' ultrasonic mind-control. He was never seen inside the Dancitron building itself, seemingly displayed full use of his thuggish facilities, and reported directly to Starscream...but it should be noted that one did not have to be in constant contact with the music for the mind control to hold, those exposed to it could later be triggered to action remotely, and those under the music's influence could pass as normal up to a point. Still, it's more likely that he worked for them of his own free will.

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Furg's Gang


It's like somebody hit West Side Story with an '80s stick.

Furg's gang consisted of at least ten-to-fifteen thugs in unintentionally hilarious outfits similar to his own. Among the gang that went after the Bop Crew was a hypnotized businessman; why he had been assigned to Furg's gang rather than the Decepticons' slave labor project is unknown.

Pop-Lock called them a bunch of Road Warrior rejects. He was pretty much on the mark.

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