Fun-A-Rama is a popular amusement park located near Crown City. The park is divided into four sub-areas: West-A-Rama, Bear-A-Rama, Space-A-Rama, and Dino-A-Rama. Its many attractions include roller coasters, 3-D adventure rides, and animatronic dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the park is also large enough to comfortably hide a Decepticon amongst the various rides and animatronics.


IDW Robots in Disguise comic

Fire, When Ready!

After escaping the Alchemor, the Decepticon arsonist Flamefeather stormed the park after it had closed for the night, hoping to find a way to get off of Earth. He was pursued by Bumblebee and the other members of the Bee Team, who chased him around the amusement park for a while.

It was Sideswipe who made the crucial connection to explain Flamefeather's erratic behavior: the Decepticon had mistaken a spaceship ride for an actual spaceship. The team managed to corner and apprehend Flamefeather shortly afterwards, with Grimlock delivering the final blow. Thanks to some quick thinking by Denny Clay, the Autobots managed to sneak the unconscious Flamefeather by park security by claiming that they were removing a malfunctioning animatronic. As a consequence, though, they had to leave behind Grimlock, who masqueraded as a replacement animatronic for sixteen hours.


  • Sideswipe describes the architects of Fun-A-Rama as "Fun-gineers", a spoof of the ever-popular "Imagineers" of Walt Disney World.
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