The Fully Automated Rapid Transit System is a transportation system in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

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The Fully Automated Rapid Transit System is the, or one of, the LRT lines in Detroit. It is unknown at this time if it glides as smoothly as a cloud. This would not be Sumdac's only invention with an awkward acronym.


Transformers Animated cartoon continuity

During the official unveiling of the FARTS, Starscream ripped through the party, chucked Pr. Sumdac, Mayor Edsel, and Bumblebee into the FARTS, carried it to the top of Sumdac Tower, and held them in for the AllSpark as ransom. While the Autobots distracted him with a game of keep-away, Sari Sumdac rescued the three hostages with the help of Prowl and a few of his propulsions. The FARTS ended up falling to its demise. But all things considered, the day was a gas. Transform and Roll Out!

Apparently it got fixed, because the FARTS was later infused with an AllSpark fragment to be used as a device in Starscream's plan to destroy Megatron and Detroit. The FARTS overloaded due to the AllSpark fragment implant, and lost control. Although the Cybertron Elite Guard failed to stop it, Sari and Bumblebee managed to remove the AllSpark fragment, and the other Autobots managed to stop it from crashing into the station. Again, it received damage, but nothing a plunger can't pop back into place. Mission Accomplished


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