Full of Fire! was a mini-comic that was included in some of the Beast Hunters toys for Transformers: Prime.


Shockwave explains the history of the Predacon presence on Earth, as Megatron grows more and more impatient. When the Decepticon leader reminds Shockwave that the scientist promised more Predacon clones but has yet to deliver, Shockwave quickly reveals that he has already created a small army.

In a New Mexico desert, Bumblebee fires off his Eagleshot Bow. Bulkhead wonders if it's wise to test the weapons out in the open, but Ratchet thinks he's jealous because the bow has a longer range than Bulkhead's Rhino Blade. Optimus Prime arrives just in time to hear Bumblebee report that he's detected something approaching from the north. It turns out to be Predaking and Optimus announces they need the Beast Hunters weapons online fast, as even the four of them won't last long against the one Predacon. Unfortunately for them, Predaking is swiftly joined by five more of his kind.

While the others keep the Predacons busy, Ratchet grabs the new weapons and soon the four Autobots are equipped to fight back. The Predacons find the Autobots a rather tougher prospect now, and even Predaking discovers that his flame is stopped cold by Optimus's Dragon Cannons. He and his brethren are forced to turn tail and flee. The Autobots are thankful for their victory, though Optimus believes the Predacons' plan was simply to test the Autobots and learn more about their foe.

As the Predacons return to the Nemesis, Shockwave is pleased at the data gathered. Megatron believes that the Autobots now know the extent of the Predacon force, only for Shockwave to correct him — there are a whole lot more Predacons yet to reveal.

Featured characters





"Sorry, pal, but hammering a rock at me isn't going to stop my Eagleshot Bow!"

Bumblebee versus Blight

"Shockwave, Shockwave, Shockwave... How did the Decepticons ever get along without you?"



  • This comic was distributed with Beast Hunters toys in Malaysia.
  • It gives some hints at being related to the cartoon continuity — the Autobots know Predaking only as "the Predacon", and Bumblebee has his voice back. With everyone in their Beast Hunters forms and a ton more Predacons, it can't really fit into the cartoon timeline, however.
  • Hun-Gurrr loses an r from his name.
  • The image of ancient Predacons which Megatron and Shockwave view matches a similar shot in the cartoon.
  • Optimus Prime has a nose, unlike his cartoon counterpart.
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