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The Decepticons are up to their old tricks again, this time threatening the peace of the world with an all-powerful electromagnetic cannon called the Omega Whip. Optimus Prime dispatches Hound and his human partners Toru and Jenny to follow the electromagnetic trail and locate the Decepticons' hidden base.

After being spotted snooping around by Ratbat, the trio of Autobots are kidnapped by Starscream and placed behind an electric barrier. Megatron then proceeds to regale them with a monologue detailing how he intends to plunder Earth's energy and dominate the universe. He then sends the Stunticons to trash a power plant and relieve it of all its power.

From his command post in Scramble City, Optimus Prime contemplates what to do. Silverbolt pleads with Optimus to send him and the Aerialbots to deal with the situation, as they and the Stunticons are bitter rivals. The other Autobots disapprove of the idea, as the Aerialbots are too young and inexperienced for such an important mission, but Prime concedes to Silverbolt's pleas and allows the Aerialbots into battle.

The Aerialbots engage the Stunticons at the power plant, with both teams combining into their gestalt forms; Superion and Menasor, respectively. Superion begins to take the upper hand in combat until Megatron shoots him in the back with the Omega Whip. By all rights, the electromagnetic blast should have completely shut Superion down, but his burning heart must succeed, thus keeping him on his feet (albeit, still getting trashed by Menasor).


And fangirls across the world suddenly wet themselves.

Fearing the worst, Toru and the rest try to think of a way out of their prison. Jenny takes out her transmitter and reprograms its fusion plate on the fly. Starscream spots her messing around and tries to threaten her. Jenny uses her adorable feminine charms to elicit Starscream into giving her a big ol' hug, at which point she secretly slaps the transmitter onto the Seeker's back. Now with complete control over Starscream's body, Jenny orders him to use his heat-seeking missiles to destroy the Omega Whip.

With the Omega Whip and the Decepticon HQ destroyed, Toru and the rest attempt to escape. Soundwave unleashes Ravage to catch them, only to be thwarted by the sudden arrival of Blaster and a small unit of Autobots.


Oh hey, that's right, I still have this thing in my arm, don't I?

As Optimus Prime and Megatron duel (with Megatron unleashing his rarely seen energon mace), the battle remains a stalemate. Then, from out of the blue, Metroplex arrives on the scene with the entire Autobot army. Megatron calls a hasty retreat and the Decepticons vamoose. Still not willing to give up, Superion launches a final attack on Menasor, thoroughly defeating his rival in combat.

As Toru and Jenny hug and kiss in celebration, Optimus Prime quickly reminds them that Megatron is not gone for good. Prime then proceeds to question their use of affection toward one another, embarrassing them.


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