This article is about Trypticon's barely-existent companion/necktie. For Trypticon's assistant who got the personality instead of the toy, see Wipe-Out.

Full-Tilt is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Poor guy exists just too much to get into "Things that don't exist."

Full-Tilt is Trypticon's little partner. Most of the time, he patrols Trypticon's grounds when he's in base and city mode. When the Decepticon is tearing a city apart, he resides on his chest as extra armour.


The Transformers cartoon

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He appears as Trypticon's breast plate, and is used as a ramp so others can board Trypticon. As when the animal transformers are called by the creator of Unicron, they board Trypticon via Full-Tilt. Call of the Primitives

The Transformers: Call of the Future

For the love of god, if you have a copy of this game and can tell us exactly WTF Full-Tilt actually does in it, we are frickin' dying to know.

Full-Tilt is unlocked after defeating Springer a second time in the Decepticon storyline, and he gets some spoken lines and a bit of character time... and we wish we knew more than that. Help?

Marvel comics continuity

Like the cartoon, Full-Tilt is only seen as Trypticon's breastplate. His functional nonexistence is reinforced by his omission from Trypticon's Transformers Universe entry. Moreover, his potential role as Trypticon's helper is filled by Wipe-Out.

The Transformers manga

Back in the bottle wit' ye, o' wicked woman!

In the year 2010, Ultra Magnus figured it would be really cool to show a bunch of human children around Autobot City. The children were having a grand ole time until Galvatron arrived with Trypticon in tow.

To meet the threat of Trypticon, Magnus transformed Autobot City into Metroplex, who was quickly injured by Trypticon's Dual Plasma Cannons. Magnus then ordered Scamper into the fray, but Scamper was immediately defeated once Galvatron launched Full-Tilt from Trypticon's chest. Full-Tilt, apparently very overconfident, threatened to make scrap out of everyone.

As Trypticon continued to pound the oil out of Metroplex, Ultra Magnus ordered another City Warrior into action, Six-Gun! Before Full-Tilt could administer the final blow with Brunt, Six-Gun took him by surprise...punching him in the face. (Six-Gun apparently prefers melee combat despite being made entirely out of guns.) Six-Gun then took control of Brunt and blasted Trypticon in the chest, injuring him enough to force Galvatron to call a retreat.

The children rejoiced. The Transformers issue 3

Dreamwave comics continuity

Full-Tilt finally exists, with a robot mode and everything! But only as one of the two "battlefield drones" that Trypticon controls (the other being Brunt the tank). More Than Meets The Eye #7


Generation One

  • Trypticon (Decepticon City, 1986/1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-63
    • Accessories: Double-barreled pistol
Full-Tilt transforms into a car or Trypticon's bra. He can be launched from Trypticon while he is in city mode. His little teeny double-barreled gun is one of the most commonly lost accessories in Transformerdom.
This mold was also used to make Gigascouter.

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