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Full-Barrel is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.

The American flag and highway violence. Possibly the box artist needed more supervision.

Full-Barrel is half of the Autobot Battlefield Headquarters team, along with his combiner partner Overflow. His battlefield tactics don't get more complicated than, "Full speed ahead!" but Overflow tries to act as a moderating influence (which would probably work better if Overflow was the front of their combined form).[1]


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Generation OneEdit

  • Autobot Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster Combiner, 1990)
Full-Barrel transforms into the front half of a tractor-trailer rig. He was sold with Overflow, and together they came with the Autobot Battlefield Headquarters.


  • In Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye encyclopedia, Full-Barrel is incorrectly shown as transforming into the entire tractor-trailer rig, instead of just the front half.
  • Amusingly, Full-Barrel and Overflow form a perfect miniature version of the Battlefield Headquarters they drive, even having the Headquarters' folded wings sculpted into their sides. Both the Battlefield Headquarters and Full-Barrel/Overflow even split in the same place in vehicle mode.


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