Frostbite is a Decepticon from the Universe series.

He's specifically after your toes.

Frostbite is one of the many Decepticons who have sworn allegiance to Unicron in his multiverse-spanning war against the forces of Primus.



  • Frostbite (Deluxe, 2005)
A redeco of the Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Maximal Jawbreaker, Frostbite transforms into a twisted cyber-organic hyena. His tail becomes a massive, multi-bladed sword. A push-trigger spins a buzzsaw on his beast-mode back, which becomes his robot mode right arm.
Frostbite was part of the final wave of standard-retail Universe product.


Frostbite blastcharge

The Fairly Odd Couple

  • Frostbite's colors seem intended to compliment Blastcharge's Universe incarnation. The connection (if any) between these two characters ciphers is unknown.

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