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Specifics: Runamuck setting that Mini-spy on fire.

The friction rifle is a weapon from the Generation One continuity family.

Runamuck considers wreckage to be fine art; he creates "art" of his own with his friction rifle. It greatly increases the effects of friction on its targets, so the slightest movement can have deadly effects, as the friction between their bodies and the molecules of the air can make them burst into flame or even melt. Its effects last for up to five minutes.


Marvel Comics continuity

Runamuck was unable to hit Circuit Breaker with his friction rifle. If he had, it would've heated up her molecules and made her explode. Big mess!

Runamuck loves a big mess. Decepticon Graffiti!

Dreamwave comics continuity

While investigating Shockwave's secret lab, Runamuck gleefully toasted a hapless Mini-spy with his friction rifle. Night of the Combaticons

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