Fred is a human in the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

"My therapist says..."

Fred is quite possibly one of the most important (and annoying!!!) human characters in the entire Transformers mythos. He f***in' owns you. Admit it.

Fred was the best (and possibly only) friend of Billy, Lincoln Middle School's resident would-be-bully. Fred was rather unmotivated by the prospect of bullying Rad and Carlos, preferring to occupy his time with eating assorted snack foods and mentioning that he was still hungry.

Later on, he and Billy became good friends with their former would-be victims, participating on many adventures with them due the fact Fred is awesome and indispensable to the Autobots. Plus, somebody had to bring all the food along.

Japanese name: Jim


Armada anime

Voice actor: Tony Sampson (English), Nobuyuki Kobushi (Japanese)

One day, Rad and Carlos went out investigating the caves under the local observatory, so Billy and Fred followed, intent on discovering what the two were up to, as well as wanting to bully them for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately for Fred, Rad's activation of something in the caverns caused an earthquake that almost buried them alive. (Fred, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.) When he and Billy finally crawled out of the rubble, they were greeted by the sight of gigantic, body-shaped depressions and footprints in the valley floor. First Encounter

Later, Billy and Fred managed to discover the truth about Rad and Carlos's toy robots and after the Transformers saved their lives, they were forced by Hot Shot to promise to keep the existence of the Transformers a secret. Carnival

While attempting once again to harass Rad and Carlos, Billy and Fred were captured by the Decepticons for nefarious purposes and imprisoned in one of those conveniently abandoned ghost towns that seem to populate Earth in most Transformers continuities. While imprisoned, Fred offered the Decepticon Mini-Con Leader-1 some potato chips, which appeared to earn him the Mini-Con's friendship. When the Autobot rescue attempt went awry, Fred was proven pivotal in securing their freedom from the Decepticons and their nefarious purposes because Leader-1 refused to do anything to harm the humans. Afterwards, the pair joined the Autobot team. Confrontation

Dreamwave Armada comic


He's not Sid.

Cybertron anime

Fred is the third astronaut who get on board with the autobots in the episode "beginning"


  • Despite Fred's love of food, he has been known to offer potato chips to Mini-Cons, even if said Mini-Cons have no means of ingesting the offered food. Because that's the kind of great guy Fred is.
  • According to the Micron Legend Yearbook 2003, the producers of the Armada cartoon kept meaning to write Billy and Fred out of the series (Is anyone honestly surprised by this?), but ultimately never got around to it. Their staying through to the end of the show was thus wholly unintentional (as well as unnecessary and pretty bloody annoying).
  • When asked about their status post-Armada, Aaron Archer joked that Billy and Fred now spend their time partying in the south of France. Go, Fred!
  • Fred constantly makes remarks how he gets low blood suger levels if he runs to much. It is implied that he might have Diabetes mellitus type 1.
  • Fred is beyond the need for mortal appreciation.
  • Fred sounds sort of like Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
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