DoubleVillainy Franklin Bridge

Franklin Bridge crosses a river near Griffin Rock, or at least it used to. It is a short distance upstream from a waterfall.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Four Bots and a Baby"

Bad weather resulted in the collapse of the middle of the bridge. The island's rescue team promptly closed the bridge and began reinforcing it against further damage. Don, being the impatient sort, attempted to jump the gap on his motorcycle but came up short and plunged into the river below. Consequently, he had to be rescued by Kade Burns and Heatwave.

"Double Villainy"

A year on, the bridge was still out of commission. Mayor Luskey attempted to drive over it, having suffered amnesia thanks to Doctor Morocco. His car wedged on the side of the bridge, he gave the rescue team a call and was retrieved by Blades.

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