Fragmentation is the fifth installment in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron comic series.


Grimlock awakens, strung up in Shockwave's laboratory and unable to remember anything beyond a pressing need to save his friends. Shockwave appears before him, taunting him until he receives a response then activating a machine that separates the Autobot into pieces. As Grimlock is overcome by pain, Shockwave does like any good villain and offers to explain his motives and plans to his captive, starting with the reason he captured the Lightning Strike Coalition: they were simply much better specimens than any of the Decepticons, who could never hope to withstand his horrifying experiments. He also shows off his greatest discovery yet: a bridge through space and time which has allowed him to observe the entire universe past and present. One of his more intriguing finds is a tiny planet where carbon life once evolved to reach a pinnacle of greatness until it was wiped out by a passing meteorite. Shockwave plans to use his nigh-limitless supply of energon to fuel the space bridge, allowing the Decepticons to travel across the universe and conquer it, but first he will modify Grimlock and his friends into his very own weapons, like the Insecticons before them. Grimlock's hurt and confused mind tries to refuse Shockwave being his master, but can't resist uttering his name...

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