Fractyl is a Predacon from Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Say, heard this joke the other cycle: "Why does a Decepticon wrap a Maximal in duct tape?"

From the moment he emerged from his stasis pod, Fractyl has been more concerned with studying the strange planet's surplus Energon than battling Maximals. Though Megatron tries to force him to be a warrior, it's no use. Fractyl is an excellent geochemist but he is, more often than not, a liability in battle.

Despite his shortcomings, Fractyl tries hard to gain the respect and admiration of his fellow Predacons, often to the detriment of the team. It seems the only one among them who does so is Vice Grip.


Tales from the Beast Wars

Ground Zero

Fractyl practices his end zone celebration by spiking the MacGuffin

Fractyl discovered a new form of energy, which he named Furmanite, and claimed that it could be used as an energon armor, shielding a Transformer from the effects of the Energon without the need of a beast mode. Instead of running more tests, he impulsively used it on himself, making sure it would work before presenting it to Megatron. Before he could bring it to Megatron, however, the Furmanite was stolen by the Maximal Packrat.

Fractyl soon discovered Furmanite is actually anti-energon, a substance that could destroy the entire planet if it were exposed to high concentrations of energon. Fractyl risked both an encounter with the Maximals and the wrath of Megatron to catch Packrat before he went boom. He was able to reason with the Maximals and remove the Furmanite from Packrat, and even managed to make it look to the Predacons like he had driven off the Maximals single-handedly. Go, Fractyl. Ground Zero


Voice actor: Doug Parker (English)

Fractyl and Vice Grip attacked Packrat and Onyx Primal as the two Maximals sought to recover a mysterious Plot Device, the Transfer Interlink. After being driven off when Maximal reinforcements arrived in the form of Silverbolt and Rattrap, the two decided to go get drunk on mech fluid. Visitations

Note: No, really. It is called "Plot Device" in the story.

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

Surprisingly it's NOT Fractyl that ends up there this time.

Having joined the Wreckers under circumstances so far untold, Fractyl tagged along with Primal Prime, Rodimus and Spittor to try and coax Arcee out of her sulking emo phase deep in the caves of Cybertron, where she went shortly after the death of Daniel Witwicky. When the other Wreckers left frustrated and disappointed because Arcee wouldn't play with them, Fractyl stayed behind to talk, relating how he too had lost a good friend (presumably Vice Grip). He was then nearly killed by Blastcharge, but was saved by Arcee and the power of love. Fractyl later showed up in his shiny new body and paid Blastcharge back by slicing him in half. He used his new, jet-powered beast form to bring Arcee to the Wreckers' shuttle, which was already in the process of blasting off and leaving Cybertron. Departure

His victory was short-lived, though, as his seemingly buggy new body shorted out during a fight with Devcon in the cargo hold of the Wreckers' shuttle. With no medic on board, Apelinq created a drone called CatSCAN to fill in. Fractyl was put into stasis for several cycles. Betrayal

After the Wreckers re-entered Cybertron's atmosphere, an emergency evacuation forced the crew to pull Fractyl and Rotorbolt out of their stasis. Rotorbolt came out more or less recovered, but Fractyl was still unconscious and in critical condition. While Rotorbolt considered putting Fractyl out of his misery, Tigatron intervened by using the last of his Vok-derived abilities to heal him. Fractyl, a geologist, was ironically out-of-action for the duration of the Wreckers' pursuit of the Divine Light. Once he was again operable, he was able to use his talents to analyze the prism-like object and give information to allow the Wreckers a victory over Cryotek. Wreckers: Finale Part II


Beast Wars

  • Fractyl & Packrat (Multi-pack, 1997)
    • Accessories: Gun
Fractyl is a green, gray, and gold redeco of the original Basic-class Terrorsaur, transforming into a large, organic pterodactyl with a spring-loaded, one-step transformation to robot mode. His green plastic was given a sparkly sheen to simulate the "energon armor" effect from the accompanying comic book. He came packaged with Packrat and was sold exclusively at BotCon 1997.
The same mold was used to make Hydra, Lazorbeak and Terranotron. It was planned to be used as a TransCon II exclusive version of Swoop, but that toy was canceled when Hasbro pulled its approval of the convention.

Expanded Universe

Looking spiffy in the Wreckers catalog.

  • Fractyl (Deluxe Transmetal)
Fractyl's Transmetal form was shown at BotCon 2001 as a hand-painted prototype, made from a Transmetal Terrorsaur. This version was ultimately never produced, either as a general release or as a convention exclusive.
This mold was later redecoed and slightly retooled to make Beast Machines Terranotron, and then redecoed and retooled differently to make Armada Terrorsaur. The mold was also the base model for the non-toy character Ravenus.
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