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"Fractured" is the first episode of Transformers: Cyberverse. It first aired on the Cartoon Network app, with the first terrestrial broadcast scheduled for September 1, 2018.



Windblade arrives on Earth before the Decepticons and meets her old friend Bumblebee who has no idea who she is.


Bumblebee speeds along a winding desert road, enjoying himself and pulling off the occasional driving stunt. Reaching a chasm, Bumblebee attempts to jump it, transforming in mid-air. Hurtling through the air, he is distracted by Windblade's voice and only manages to grab onto the opposing cliff face. The rock gives way under his grip, sending Bumblebee plummeting to the ground.

Windblade rescues Bumblebee before he hits the ground and is happy to be reunited with her old friend. Windblade asks Bumblebee what he is doing on Earth, believing that there were no other Autobots on the planet. Bumblebee asks the same question to Windblade.

In flashback, Windblade and Perceptor watch the ARK launch with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee aboard from Cybertron in search of the Allspark. They plan to continue fighting the Decepticons on Cybertron, even through they know the cause is almost hopeless. However, Megatron soon learns that the Allspark is on Earth, and leads his forces to the planet in search of it. With no word from Optimus Prime, Windblade follows them, using a space bridge repaired by Perceptor. However, the space bridge blows up after she uses it, trapping Windblade on Earth. Over the course of several months, she searches the planet for the Allspark.

As Windblade and Bumblebee talk, it becomes clear that Bumblebee is suffering from amnesia. Thundercracker arrives and fights Windblade while Bumblebee watches. Eventually, as Thundercracker gains the upper hand, Bumblebee intervenes by using his stinger to paralyse the seeker. When the effect wears off, Windblade uses her weapons to knock Thundercracker off the cliff and into the chasm.

Bumblebee and Windblade seek cover, finding the entrance to a disused mineshaft. In an effort to find out more about Bumblebee's memory loss, Windblade uses a cortical psychic patch to link their minds. Unfortunately, Bumblebee's memories are fractured; Windblade finds herself in his mindscape with a large image of Megatron looming over her. Feedback from the link causes Windblade to scream as an energy pulse radiates out from her.

Nearby, Thundercracker and Nova Storm fly in jet mode over the desert.


In the episode


English dub changes


Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

Image Name Time Note
Bumblebee Cyberverse Bumblebee
Windblade Cyberverse Windblade
Optimus Prime Cyberverse Optimus Prime
Starscream Cyberverse Starscream
Megatron Cyberverse Megatron
Shadow Striker Cyberverse Shadow Striker
Thundercracker Cyberverse Thundercracker
Nova Storm