During the 1999-2000 television season in the United States, the Beast Wars cartoon was rebroadcast on the Fox network alongside the first season of Beast Machines. During the show's brief exclusive run on Fox Kids, episodes of Beast Wars were heavily edited. Several scenes considered "objectionable" were edited or deleted. For instance, Megatron calling Dinobot a "loser" in the very first episode was muted. Very frequently, scenes of more intense violence, such as Dinobot's brutal drilling of Inferno in "Code of Hero" or almost any scene of Rhinox firing the Changuns of Doom, were either cut in length or completely omitted. Another reason for the editing was to create more time in the episode's runtime to allow for a third commercial break during the final act, resulting in several seconds of lost footage and odd or inconsistent commercial break points. Needless to say, fans of the show weren't keen to these changes.

In conjunction with these reruns, Hasbro released a few waves of redecoed Beast Wars toys with the Fox Kids logo on the packaging; hence, these toys have become known as "Fox Kids redecoes" (or more commonly but less correctly, "Fox Kids repaints") among collectors.

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