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Fowler's V-tol is a high-tech classified aircraft stuffed with technology, including some Agent Fowler had the Autobots provide. As a V-tol, it's capable of hovering so he can use its impressive array of weaponry on unsuspecting stationary targets. It's even solid enough to remain intact when shot down. The only drawback is that it's a popular choice of new alternate mode for Decepticons, much to Fowler's dismay. Fowler had Ratchet modify the air pressure regulators so he could fly it without a flight suit.


Masters and Students

He was flying the jet when he intercepted chatter about possible alien technology and was drawn to the area of a battle involving Optimus PrimeBumblebee and Skyquake. Unfortunately, the Decepticon took the opportunity to scan Fowler's V-tol as an alt mode and engaged the agent in aerial combat. Fowler managed to evade the heat-seeking missiles fired at him by Skyquake, and caught Bumblebee after the Autobot severely damaged Skyquake's systems.


Fowler was transporting the Dingus in the V-tol when he was shot down by MECH. The plane survived the crash landing, but Fowler had to find alternate transport. 

Loose Cannons

He used the V-tol again when Wheeljack and Dreadwing arrived on Earth near Omaha. While it allowed him to send video to the Autobots and update them on events, the outnumbered Decepticon took the opportunity to scan his jet and retreat. Fowler later followed the Autobots back to base to chew Wheeljack out.


Following the destruction of the Autobot base, Fowler and June Darby used the jet to rendezvous with the surviving Autobots. 


By this time, the aircraft had been moved into production and dubbed the Skystriker. Fowler led a squadron of the jets into battle against Darkmount once the fortress's fusion cannons had been disabled. The barrage of missiles they unleashed successfully brought down the Decepticon fortress.

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