Every year the residents of Griffin Rock hold Founders' Day, to celebrate the struggles of the early settlers who founded the town back in the seventeenth century. Part of the celebrations involve ringing the Settlers' Bell, and lighting a ceremonial flame.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Lost Bell"

Cody Burns' Lad Pioneer troop was going to practice for the Founders' Day celebrations, but the practice was called off when a storm blew in. The Founders' Day celebrations went ahead after the storm abated, including the ringing of the Settlers' Bell, which Cody had recovered while stranded on an island.

"Pirates Ahoy"

On another Founders' Day, Dani was picked to light the ceremonial flame, however when it came out that one of the Burns family ancestors was a pirate, Mayor Luskey took the torch off her and inadvertently started a fire. The mayor later made a second attempt at Founders' Day celebrations, which were interrupted when the rescue team returned with the treasure that their pirate ancestor had stolen.

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