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Fortress Maximus is the twenty-ninth episode of Robots in Disguise. It first aired in the United States on October 27, 2001 on Fox Kids.




Koji's father, Dr. Onishi, oversees a drilling operation, digging underground to a new energy source within a buried castle. But his equipment starts to malfunction as the apparatus hits some form of electronic shielding. The scene fades out, and is revealed to be a dream the doctor had in the captivity of the Predacons. The Decepticons are dissatisfied with their abilities to probe their prisoner's mind for info. Based on the information they were able to extract, the Decepticons are sent to the ruins. Meanwhile, Side Burn does what he usually does, chasing Kelly. T-AI finds (somewhere?) a microchip containing data that holds the same information the Decepticons were able to extract from the doctor's mind, including the location of the ruins. The Build Team arrive to be briefed on their mission to the ruins, but before leaving they recall the hallucinations last time they got close to the area; Wedge resolves that this time, they won't let hallucinations fool them. The rest of the Autobots are deployed to protect the operation. Above the ruins, the Spychangers confront the Decepticons. Armorhide and Rollbar stay to fight, while the other Decepticons head underground. In the subway, Movor and Ro-Tor fight against Rapid Run and Railspike, but Ultra Magnus interferes and unintentionally floods the subway tunnel. Team Bullet Train hear an ominous warning as they approach the ruins, but they ignore it. Deeper in the cave, the Build Team begin to have the same hallucinations they were talking about minutes ago, and only Heavy Load is smart enough to not attack his team-mates. Side Burn envisions a train as several red sports cars. Sky-Byte sees another train as a delicious cake and starts to chow down (and that's terrible). He passes by the cake and secretly follows Mega-Octane and Scourge, who have reunited with the other Decepticons. Underground, Team Bullet Train find the ruins, suspended in a mysterious underground lake of green liquid. The rest of the assembled cast also flow towards the ruins, brought there by either hallucinations or the flow of water. The Decepticons, Build Team, and Team Bullet Train all transform into their larger combined forms. Prime even shows up to combine with Ultra Magnus. Scourge steps too close to the ruins, which prompts the ruins to begin to crumple as the platform they sit on rises out of the water, revealed to be...?


In the episode


English dub changes


Doctor Onishi, Sky-Byte, Scourge, Mega-Octane, Megatron, Side Burn, Kelly, Koji, X-Brawn, Optimus Prime, Prowl, T-AI, Commandos, Build Team, Spychangers, Team Bullet Train


Writer: Richard Epcar
Producer: Jamie Simone
Executive Producer: Eric S. Rollman

Railleries in Dialog

Koji: I can't believe how long it's been.
X-Brawn: You mean since he started chasing that red car? It's been over two hours.
Wedge: There's something wrong with me, I keep having bad headaches.
High Tower: Maybe if you quit pounding your head, it will stop.

Items of Note

  • Build Team remember how they were fooled by those hallucinations that one time. Then later in the episode, they're fooled in the exact same way, again. They are, evidently, not especially smart (Heavy Load excepted).








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