Fortress Maximus (フォートレスマキシマス Fōtoresu Makishimasu?) is a character introduced in the Transformers: The Headmasters television series. He was formed from Battleship Maximus, the transtector, and its captain Fortress, the headmaster. Fortress himself is made of two components; the communications room of Fortress Maximus's city mode; Maximus City as his transtector and the headmaster Cerebros who's human sized. He almost always appeared as and got referred to as Fortress throughout the Civil War.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Fortress Maximus is a unique implementation of Headmaster technology as he is a Double Headmaster that is formed of three main parts:


Cerebros is the smallest component and forms the head of Fortress.


The communications room of Maximus City can transform into a Transtector that Cerebros can combine with to form the robot Fortress. He appears and interacts with others in this form the most. Fortress forms the head of Fortress Maximus.

Battleship Maximus/Maximus City

Battleship Maximus was inspired by time-traveling city-base and ship Brave Maximus which landed on the Planet Master. Kiss Players Serving as both the main transport and base of operations for the Cybertron Headmasters, Battleship Maximus can also transform into a colossal Transtector for Fortress, together forming Fortress Maximus. This was a mode that was long held secret and was first revealed when the Cybertrons were faced with a Breedon, a carnivorous plant the Destrons brought from the planet Darhos. In this mode, Fortress Maximus can wield his mighty Master Sword. In order to activate this mode, Fortress's mind must be in complete focus with his energies in balance before unsheathing a smaller version of the Master Sword from a computer terminal within Battleship Maximus. Head On!! Fortress Maximus


4 Million Years Ago

During the Great War, Fortress led some refugees off of Seibertron to get away from the fighting. Fortress' group of refugees eventually reached the Planet Master. To better survive the harsh climate, they built larger bodies for themselves. They could then transform to become the heads of these more powerful forms. The Mystery of Planet Master

While on Planet Master, a time-traveling spaceship/base called Brave Maximus landed there, this would later inspire the creation of Fortress' city/ship Battleship Maximus which could transform into a Transtector he could combine with to form Fortress Maximus. Kiss Players


I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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The inhabitants of Planet Master themselves eventually split off into factions, some claiming loyalty to the Destrons, while others held loyalty to the Cybertrons, though neither group came into direct contact with Seibertron (or Earth) until 2011.

Upon meeting again with the Cybertrons of Seibertron, Fortress quickly became a lead figure not only to his own troops, but to most of the other Cybertrons in the ongoing war, though he loyally answered to Rodimus Convoy. Primarily, he led the other Headmasters into battle, often working away from the other Cybertrons and handling overly dangerous situations.

When Seibertron was destroyed, Rodimus Convoy vowed to search the universe for a new home for the Transformers. He transferred the title of Supreme Commander to Fortress, but he kept the Matrix of Leadership (presumably as a reminder that it was a temporary). Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2

Fortress wasn't entirely confident that he was the best choice to simultaneously hold the rank of Captain and Supreme Commander, not because of any discomfort or indecision performing the duties, but due to a certain [[Op tendency to feel like he wasn't worthy. Nevertheless, he led the Cybertrons against Galvatron and Scorponok decisively and was popular as a leader. While some of the other Headmasters had trouble getting along with humans, Fortress proved himself reasonably friendly, or at least good at making silly faces to amuse children (and talking them into dangerous missions). Fortunately, Arcee was around to help smooth relations on both sides, as well as to help Fortress personally to coordinate and present plans.

In Scorponok's final campaign against the Cybertrons, Fortress Maximus battled his arch enemy, and thanks in part to Sixshot's intervention, the work of the Cybertrons as a team, and all the present Cybertrons troops—along with Daniel Witwicky—lending him their energy and the power of friendship via a Head Formation, he was able to overcome and destroy Scorponok's Transtector, as well as his plan to destroy the Earth, sending the Destrons into retreat once and for all.

Fortress continued to lead the Cybertrons as they left Earth for good to travel around the galaxy, trying to repair all the damages dealt in the war and to remain vigilant should the Destrons return. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

2011 to 2025

Fortress was seen briefly trying to relay a message to the Cybertron Pretenders through great interference.


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