Fort Scyk is a military fort in the Stanix region. It fell to the Decepticons early in the war.


Transformers: Exodus

Fort Scyk was a forbidding fortress that acted as training grounds for the High Council militia and civil defense units before the war. Dating from ancient times, it was the location where the idea of formalizing Cybertron's Caste system was first raised.

Before the war, Stanix was also one of the main nodes in the Communication Grid that spanned the whole planet. This node was located on the eastern edge of Stanix city, below Fort Scyk. Megatron's supporters detonated an electromagnetic pulse bomb there, destroying one corner of Fort Scyk, killing its magistrate Gauntlet, and disrupting the Grid node.

Later, Fort Scyk was to be the site of the first true battle of the war itself, with Megatron personally leading the seekers into battle. Though they fought valiantly the militia was overwhelmed and the Fort fell to the Decepticons. 

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