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Fort Lewis is a human military base in the Generation One continuity family.

Fort Lewis is a military base in Seattle, the site of Power Station Alpha's activation. It has played host to the G.I. Joe team, several Autobots, and even some Cobra agents during a brief alliance. It has also been infiltrated by Bombshell, and perhaps most notably, it was where Bumblebee was destroyed and rebuilt as Goldbug.

Note: The real-life Fort Lewis is indeed in Washington state, but it's roughly 40 miles away from Seattle.


Marvel Generation One comics

Fort Lewis was the site chosen for the activation of Power Station Alpha, which was overseen by Senator Barbara Larkin and some other members of Congress. G.I. Joe stood by on guard duty, and anti-nuclear protestors held a demonstration. The Dreadnoks briefly stormed in and raised some havoc, but they were quickly fended off by the Joes. None of the humans realized the more serious threat making its way onto the base: the tiny Insecticon Bombshell, armed with a cerebro shell adjusted to control Power Station Alpha.

However, Bombshell did not go unnoticed: Bumblebee, sent to Fort Lewis alone to reconnoiter the humans' new technology, spotted the Insecticon. But Bombshell was equally aware of the Autobot, and he created a diversion by cerebro-shelling a young boy and marching him into the path of the launching station. Bumblebee converted to robot mode and rescued him, but General Hawk, in a successful plan to get into Senator Larkin's pants, ordered his G.I. Joe soldiers to fire on the mysterious robot. Bumblebee was ripped to shreds by their tank cannons, and Bombshell succeeded in planting his shell in the station. Blood on the Tracks

The power station was shut down and the crowds dispersed, and the Joes moved Bumblebee's remains inside the base for analysis. Meanwhile, the Decepticons remotely activated the station, but Dr. Mindbender was somehow able to counter their remote-control with his own. To distract the Joes, Cobra fighter jets strafed a nearby cruise ship, not realizing that G.B. Blackrock was on board. In rescuing him, the Joes were making contact with the Autobots' best human ally. When a chance bit of conversation alerted Blackrock to the fact that the Joes had encountered Transformers, he quickly offered his help, and they took him back to Fort Lewis. Power Struggle

There, he convinced them that Bumblebee was a friend who should be reactivated. When they did so, Bumblebee helped them establish contact with the Autobots, who had just formed an alliance with Cobra to stop the Decepticons from using Power Station Alpha (which they had regained) to destroy the world. Ashes, Ashes... The three factions used Fort Lewis as a meeting point, which helped expedite Bumblebee's reconstruction into Goldbug. ...All Fall Down!

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