The Forged are a group of Cybertronians who were former Decepticons and possibly Autobots rebuilt by Shockwave and served him loyally.



Rage of the Dinobots

This faction were formed during the Great War on Cybertron. After both Optimus Prime and Megatron vanished, the survivors declared that they were no longer Decepticons but instead called the Forged. This group served Shockwave and considered themselves his metaphorical hammer. Serving as his disciples, they intended to aid him in reforging Cybertron. They were led by Ser-Ket who later based them at a prison located in the Sea of Rust. During the exodus, Ultra Magnus was shot down by Decepticons and crashed in the territory of the Forged who captured him. Swoop later also became a prisoner of the Forged leading to his fellow Dinobots staging a rescue of him. Slug was not impressed at the capabilities of the Forged during a fight with them but were surrounded by them. Grimlock challenged Ser-Ket to a duel and if he won then Swoop along with the Dinobots would be freed. Ultimately, he defeated his foe and the Forged demonstrated themselves to be mechanical beings of their word allowing the Dinobots to leave with their comrade. On the ruined surface of Cybertron, the war was over, but the Autobot factions were waging a constant struggle for survival against the Forged and Insecticons. The Forged had attacked New Kalis at some point leaving behind several of their bodies which Grimlock wanted to examine. At Last Spark, Snarl and Sludge examined the body of an Autobot where they determined that the attacker had a great deal of power which ruled out the Forged but could have been an Insecticon. At an Insecticon hive, they discovered the bodies of several Forged who had turned against one another due to lack of Energon.


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