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Bulkhead with the Forge of Solus Prime



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The Forge of Solus Prime was a very large hammer that had the mystical ability to infuse raw material with working mechanisms. Solus Prime used this device in her mission as the primary weapon-smith of the Thirteen. She also presumably used this device in combat.

The Forge is very mystical in nature and can only be wielded to its full potential by a Prime. Although others may use it, to them it would only be useful as a large hammer. Without the power of a Prime the device cannot be used to create anything.

The Forge was used to create various weapons for the Thirteen including the Star Saber and Requium Blaster.

Eventually, the Forge came to reside in the Iacon hall of relics. In anticipation of the Decepticon's invading Iacon, the Forge and many other relics and captured Decepticon weapons were sent to Earth in order to keep them far from Megatron's reach. However, the Decepticons did eventually locate the Forge on Earth and unearthed it. The Autobots attempted to retrieve it but did not succeed. Despite losing the Forge, Optimus informs the other Autobots that without the power of a Prime, the Forge would be useless to the Decepticons. Operation Bumblebee, Part 2

Megatron was eventually able to devise a way for him to make use of the Forge despite his lack of Prime status. Driven to desperation by Optimus's recent acquisition of the Star Saber, Megatron traveled to Cybertron with Dreadwing. Once there, he journeyed to a tomb containing the bodies of past Primes. Megatron then cleaved the right arm of one of the primes and returned with it to his warship orbiting Earth. Then he had Knock Out sever his own right arm and then attach the Prime's arm to his body. This new limb allowed Megatron to wield the Forge. He then used the Forge to craft a new sword to match Optimus's Star Saber using Dark Energon as raw material.

After choosing to leave the Decepticons, Dreadwing offered the Forge to Optimus. In return, Dreadwing only asked that Optimus use the Forge well. Optimus then used the Forge to upgrade the Autobot's GroundBridge into a Space bridge. He also used it to repair his recently broken Star Saber.

The Forge survived the destruction of the Autobot's main base and, along with Airachnid's stasis pod, was recovered by the Decepticon salvage team that was looking for any Autobot bodies or survivors. The Decepticons placed the Forge in their vault aboard their warship. However, the Forge was later recovered by Smokescreen.

Optimus, near death, informed Smokescreen that the remaining energy within the Forge should be used to repair the Omega Lock on Cybertron. However, despite Optimus's order, Smokescreen placed the forge in Optimus's hand and used it to rebuild Optimus into a larger, more powerful, and flight capable body. As a result, the Forge's power was completely drained, leaving it incapable of any more acts of mystical creation. With Optimus' permission, Ultra Magnus took the Forge as his own weapon, employing it as a warhammer in battle.

Ultra Magnus would utilize the Forge in combat on two occasions: first against the Decepticons and then Predaking in Scotland, and later a second time against Predaking in a former Energon mine that served as Shockwave's laboratory for Project Predacon. Though he wielded the Forge quite effectively in this battle, Predaking was able to take it from him twice during the fight. The second time, the enraged Predacon snapped the hammer's handle in half, and its pieces were left behind as the Autobots fled the battle site. Chain of Command Evolution


  • When activated by a Prime, the Forge courses with electricity and the turbines in the hammer heads begin to turn.
  • The Forge does not have unlimited power. It started to end in Season 3 Beast Hunters, if you want to see the episode click this link