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An Autobot recon team finds a dead colony world that might not be so dead.

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Writers: Greg Sepelak and Trent Troop
Pagecount: 25p
Originally published: online exclusive for the Transformers Collectors' Club on April 17, 2008
Illustrations: Matt Kuphaldt



Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Misc


  • Ultra Magnus thinks of an agent trapped alone on a colony world. He's presumably referring to Overhaul being trapped on Jungle Planet, indicating this story takes place between the Cybertron episodes Search and Savage.
  • Combatron appears to have been heavily influenced by Apocalypse Planet, a planet that was planned to be included in the Cybertron franchise, but was cancelled. Much like Combatron, Apocalypse Planet was to be a war-torn wasteland populated by heavily-armed and -armored warriors.
  • The Cyber Keys are treated somewhat differently in this story than they were in the Cybertron cartoon. Here, they are depicted as tangible objects that must be manufactured from crystals, while they are portrayed as energy-ish manifestations of a Transformer's burning heart of justice in the cartoon.
  • None of the Decepticons attacking the Iron Hope are explicitly named. The twin-cockpit jet is obviously Slugslinger, and the robotic T-rex is likely Predacon. The writers have since revealed that the two gunships were intended to be Dreadwing and Sharkticon, and that the two other jets were Skywarp and Sunstorm. Whether the reader chooses to accept that depends on their acceptance of author intent.

Transformers references

  • King Atlas' disappearance can presumably be chalked up to his abduction by Unicron to battle in the Universe conflict.
  • Hardtop compares a dead Combatron resident to an Omega Guardian, presumably the group to which Omega Supreme and Omega Sentinel belong.

Real-world references

  • Brushguard refers to "real wrath-of-god type stuff", a direct quote from Ghostbusters.
  • Buzzsaw mentions Christmas and also invites the Autobots to "say hello to my little friend," a reference to Scarface.

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