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The Decepticons cause destruction in New York City.


In New York City, Long Haul nearly runs over some humans at an intersection. One of the men beats on his door, yelling that Long Haul is going to kill someone — he doesn't know how right he is. Much to the man's amazement, Long Haul transforms and joins the other Constructicons who have arrived. The crowd marvels at the giant robots, some thinking they are movie props. Scrapper make a brief speech that they have come in peace, to the confusion of Hook. It's just a joke however, and the Constructicons begin blasting into the crowd and street, destroying and killing.

The Seekers arrive and transform. When Skywarp tells Starscream that the humans will really be terrified when Megatron arrives, Starscream bristles, taking a few shots into the crowd before Megatron ominously makes his appearance. Starscream grovels, saying that their destruction of the city is going well. Megatron interrupts, showing them the true meaning of destruction as he takes out a skyscraper with one blast of his fusion cannon and tells Starscream to try and keep up.


Script: Andrew Steven Harris and Shane McCarthy
Art: Guido Guidi, Klaus Scherwinski and Nick Roche
Colors: Josh Burcham
Lettering: Neil Uyetake
Design: Robbie Robbins and Neil Uyetake
Editor: Chris Ryall

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