FeedTheBeast Fo-Foo

Fo-Foo or Forever Food was developed when Doc Greene was a junior scientist. Designed to be a non-expiring foodstuff, Fo-Foo had several major drawbacks: it was not very tasty, it had an addictive quality, and any human who eats it turns into a large hairy beast when the sun goes down. It is also known as "Magic Meat".


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Feed the Beast"

Development on Fo-Foo was stopped once scientists learned of the side effects. Quantities of it were stored in the Hall of Inspiration, in Bunker 16, and some was plain left at the cannery. Years later, Mayor Luskey stumbled on the Bunker 16 cache and rebranded it "Magic Meat". As well as sampling it himself, he attempted to introduce the mystery meat at the charity sandwich sale, and presented a case of it to Graham Burns. As a result, Graham mutated into a monster and stole Luskey's supply, while Luskey raided the cannery. The pair were later drawn to the supply at the Hall of Inspiration, where they were caught by the rescue team and Doc Greene prescribed a course of green vegetables as a cure.

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