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Flywheels tries to keep it together and stay upbeat, he really does, but it's hard when your mind (and often your body) is literally divided in two. A split-personality would be trouble enough, but to add injury to illness Flywheel's two halves are very jealous of each other and basically hate each other's guts. They spend more time fighting one another than the Autobots. It doesn't matter whether they're unified in robot-form or not, Flywheel's two halves go right on arguing, which can be disconcerting to others around him to say the least.

Flywheels, along with Battletrap, is a Duocon.


Marvel Comics continuity.

Generation One

(Note: Events from the UK comics are in italics.)

Flywheels first appeared in a brief battle against Ultra Magnus and the Sparkabots. He was knocked out of the air by Ultra Magnus and was captured by the Autobots. As a prisoner he was soon forced to fight with his captors against a horde of zombie Transformers in Kalis let loose by Flame. Flywheels disobeyed Ultra Magnus' order not to open fire on the zombots. City of Fear! While engaged in the fighting with the zombots Ultra Magnus allowed Flywheels to go and get reinforcements (though had little expectation of the Duocon's return). Surprisingly, Flywheels did come back with Trypticon to give the remaining zombots a good stomping. Meltdown!

Time wars casualties

When did that happen?

He later joined the Mayhem Attack Squad and took part in their joint attack with the Wreckers on Galvatron and Megatron. Although he is not seen to die in the ensuing fight, his corpse can be seen on the ground just before Rodimus Prime and the other Autobots intervene to save the remaining Wreckers and Mayhems. Time Wars

Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Yūki Satō (Japan)

In The Headmasters, he is affiliated with MegaZarak's palace guard with Battletrap.


Generation One

  • Flywheels (Duocon, 1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-97
    • Accessories: Gun
G1Flywheels toy

"Hey, you know what they say about guys with big feet, right?"

Flywheels' robot mode is made from the combination of a maroon F-4 Phantom II fighter jet and a brown self-propelled howitzer of vague origin, that make up his alt mode. His only articulation is the up and down movement of his arms at the shoulder, and his only accessory is a maroon rifle.


  • The lack of wheels on Flywheels' altmode has led to speculation that he and Battletrap may have swapped names during production. In fact, when they are first introduced in The Headmasters, their name captions are swapped around, which further adds to this theory.


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