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Hi. I designed all the Transformers. On TV. Mostly. The Movie definitely.

Floro Dery was the design supervisor for the original cartoon. He was also responsible for simplifying many of the original designs down to the eventual character models.

He has also taken credit for fully designing many of the elements of the series, including all the human characters and incidental robots. He has further claimed to have been the originator of the idea of a transforming planet,[1] despite early Japanese concept sketches which precede his involvement. Many of his claims have been met by skepticism among the online fandom thanks to his own contradicting interviews throughout the years.

Floro Dery is very fond of his 1986 movie designs, especially Hot Rod and Gnaw (though even Dery doesn't like Wheelie, and he designed the guy). In fact, if he hadn't drawn the movie characters more humanoid than their boxy predecessors, then "the Transformers by now would be a has been already like the Go-bots."[2] Sadly, though, nothing excites him anymore except the coming Armageddon.[3]

Participation in the modern fandom


For the first-year characters, Dery simplified Shōhei Kohara's character models further for animation. He often removed wheels and enlarged the heads.

Dery is fairly infamous in the fandom for the outlandish and often very egocentric claims he has made in various interviews. Additionally, for years someone has been searching out Transformers forums and messageboards for mentions of his name and work, then posting under various aliases (often claiming to be one of Dery's "associates") to inflate his legend and verbally attack fan and foe alike for daring to criticize him or suggest that someone other than Dery designed something in the show. Needless to say, most fans assume that this is Dery himself.

The first such instance occurred on in 2002 [1], which was a fairly civil series of posts, even if the rampant egomania was clearly in evidence from the outset. Later, he basically repeated the same post to correct the long-standing misconception that Marvel artist John Romita had been responsible for designing the animation models. [2] Following Zobovor's interview with Dery, however, which caused many to comment on Dery's self-centred eccentricities, the civility level began to drop as more posts from "kuest144" were made claiming that any critics of Dery were "jealous" and that he was so envied that it had led to "harassment". Not to worry, though—Marvel had specially set it up so he could work at home to avoid encountering these vicious haters! It was at this point that Rik Bakke pointed out that the screename was (and indeed, still is) the same as one of Dery's homepage accounts. [3] A quick perusal of the Google Groups archive quickly reveals that every other post made by kuest144 either relates to Floro Dery or is to a Filipino newsgroup.

Character models

When Dery designed the second-year character models himself from scratch, they adhered more closely to the toys' proportions. Note how Dery's Red Alert (right) is much more stocky and toy-like in detail than Sideswipe (left), despite being based from the same toy.

Perhaps the most public case was that of "Ote," a poster who briefly appeared on The Allspark to decry any critics of Dery's as "racists". Only a small archive of this hilarious series of interactions has been preserved, but "Ote" was firmly silenced when everyone pointed out that one of the most popular Transformers artists around, Don Figueroa, is also Filipino.

Then, there's "delamesa10" here.

And, of course, there's the case of "Charlie Alvarado" in evidence on this very wiki.

The writing style and mannerisms evident in these assorted tirades, including the assorted howls at being insulted, the claims that clear arguments against him somehow prove his point, cites of the same material in more than one place despite the claims that it was found "by accident," and the general unhalting stupidity of the whole affair, makes it pretty clear that they're all the work of the same person, and they're immensely similar to Dery's own pontifications as seen in his interviews — so if it isn't him, then he has got one majorly rabid fan running around.


  • In the opening credits for Scramble City, Floro's first name was incorrectly spelled "Frolo".


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