Floatium is a gaseous substance that works as a substitute for helium. While objects filled with helium will rise, objects filled with floatium will instead float, meaning no more lost balloons. It is the latest invention of scientist Doc Greene.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Flobsters on Parade"

After an unfortunate incident with a helium-filled parade balloon, Doc Greene invented floatium overnight and refilled all of the parade balloons with it. The floatium balloons worked perfectly, however the floatium tank was left near a tank full of lobsters and was soon knocked in by a clumsy fair-goer. The floatium imbued the lobsters in the tank with the power to fly, turning them into flobsters, and soon the flying menace was endangering the Lobster and Technology Festival. Luckily Doc Greene was able to mix up a destabilizing compound to neutralize the floatium, turning the flobsters back into normal lobsters.

"Bots and Robbers"

Several canisters of floatium were kept in the laboratory. Evan and Myles got Chase to steal a tank, which they then used to give their Tech Wrecker the power of flight. When the Rescue Bots later needed to reach the device and deactivate it, they sprayed themselves with floatium so they could fly up to it.

"Today and Forever"

After the island was teleported to the Arctic, Doc Greene manufactured mass quantities of floatium which was used to fill the town's force field dome. The island was able to be floated back to its original position.

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