This article is about the Generation 1 Autobot. For the Animated famale Decepticon, see Flip Sides (TFA).

Flip Sides is an Autobot cassette and Decepticon Mini-Cassette from the Generation One continuity family.

From my video to my radio.

You'd be hard pressed to find a robot more friendly and compassionate than Flip Sides. A former teacher, she is well-suited to managing data, military history and coordinating, and has been given the task of managing waves of remote-controlled combat drones. She's well-liked and personable, and a valuable Autobot fighter.

And it's all a lie, even to Flip Sides herself.

She is in actuality a sleeper agent placed into the Autobot ranks thousands of years previous. She has no memory of her former self, having been carefully buried under her Autobot persona, and will not awaken until the intricate timer mechanism also buried inside her programming triggers. What her Decepticon self is like is entirely unknown, but the thousands of years of data she's collected will undoubtedly be used to devastating effect. When this happens... nobody knows, possibly even the mysterious Decepticons who programmed her.

She has a phobia towards mechanoids with more than two legs, which can lock her systems up if surprised.


Generation One

  • Twincast with Flip Sides (Autobot/Decepticon, 2006)
Japanese ID number: 65
Flip Sides is a redeco of the Eject/Rewind mold, transforming into a microcassette. She uses stickers for her tape-side detailing rather than paint. She also features two different "readout" decals that reveal the "weak point" of both Fortress Maximus and Scorponok when she is placed behind the clear-red chestplates of Soundblaster or Twincast.
She was only available as a pack-in with the e-Hobby exclusive re-release of Twincast. This is also the first time the Scorponok decal has been re-done since the original Twincast release with Steeljaw.
Flipsides' mold was also used for Rosanna.

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