Flintlock is a Nebulan "double" Targetmaster partnered with Silencer and the Autobot Landfill

Flintlock dt

Troubled youth discovers guns are the answer

Flintlock was born in the wrong century on Nebulos. What could be worse for a young man-of-action than an era of peaceful enlightenment? Flintlock became a chronic rebel, backing causes anti-social, anti-government and just plain rude. Joining the Autobots gave Flintlock an outlet that constructively channeled his aggression. Thus a troubled youth transformed into one of the Autobots' most disciplined soldiers.

Flintlock turns into a heat-seeking stress pistol which can induces metal fatigue severe enough to fracture steel. As a "double" Targetmaster, Flintlock is able to combine with Silencer to increase the power of his own weapon, or boost the power of Silencer's proton rifle.

He also seems to have shoulder-mounted missile launchers.

Flintlock and Silencer try to force the slovenly Landfill to clean regularly, but they avoid him when he forgets, which can leave them all vulnerable in the event of a surprise attack.


Marvel Comics Continuity

Landfill wielded Flintlock and Silencer in "double weapon" mode during a series of fuel raids on Cybertron alongside the recently revived Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee. When Hook Line and Sinker attacked some months later, Flintlock, Silencer and the other Nebulan "double" Targetmasters appeared absent.


Generation One

  • Landfill with Flintlock and Silencer (Double Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Landfill toy
Flintlock, like all the "double" Targetmaster Nebulans, is one of the smallest and least complicated Transformers. Fold the barrel away, and stand him up, and can also combine with Silencer to form a rifle. He was released with the Autobot Landfill in 1988. No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.

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