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This article is about the scriptwriter. For the member of G.I. Joe, see Flint.

Not pictured: Lady Jaye Dille.

Flint Dille (born 1955) is a writer and story editor who wrote episodes for numerous Sunbow productions in the 1980s, including G.I. Joe, InHumanoids, Visionaries, and Transformers. As a story editor on the original Transformers cartoon, he was responsible for approving and supervising the writing of scripts, as well as maintaining continuity, and also developed the origin of the Transformers (in one continuity, at least) in Five Faces of Darkness. He now primarily works in the video game industry, and recently recorded a DVD commentary for The Transformers: The Movie with Susan Blu and Nelson Shin.

His last name is pronounced 'Dill-ee'.





  • The controversial "Quintesson origin" depicted in Five Faces of Darkness originates in Dille's rejected Transformers movie script, entitled The Secret of Cybertron.
  • Although The Secret of Cybertron was rejected, a number of concepts from it made their way into the finished film, resulting in Dille's prominent story consultant credit.
  • In Fire in the Sky, the Autobots are gunned down by Starscream before a commercial break, only to be revealed to be alive thanks to a hologram in the next act. Dille inserted the line "Thank heavens for that bogus plot device or we'd be finished" into the script, only to remove it as the episode was recorded.
  • Dille once bailed Chris Latta out of jail. When questioned, Latta claimed to have been arrested for jaywalking. This apparently happened more than once and (Dille claims) was a main factor in phasing Starscream out of the series.
  • Dille's favourite Transformer is Starscream.

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