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Flattop is a Decepticon Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
Flattop boxart

Did his legs get cut off?

Flattop's fantasies are of floating on a burning sea of fuel and charred Autobot remains. His days are spent flying sorties from his aircraft carrier, searching for targets (e.g., Autobots, fishing vessels, whales, Decepticons he doesn't particularly like). When he finds one, he sets the carrier to attack on automatic, and then strafes from another direction. Ah, simple pleasures.[1]


None known.


Generation One

  • Flattop (Micromaster Transport, 1989)
G1Flattop toy

A jet that rides a jet... what?

Flattop transforms into a purple-and-gray F4 Phantom fighter jet. He has functional landing gear wheels in the rear, but has a peg in place of the front landing gear. Flattop is unusual for a Micromaster Transport in that his large accessory isn't a trailer, but a small aircraft carrier. This carrier has two large laser cannons port and starboard, and has two holes for the front landing gear peg on Flattop to plug into, either ready for take off or taxiing to a runway. The bottom of the carrier has three small wheels, allowing it to roll along a smooth surface, as well as wheels on top of the landing deck for an additional feature explained below.
Flattop has an unusual robot mode for a Micromaster owing to his unusual transformation sequence (lifting the tail up also turns over the nose and central fuselage). The carrier vehicle transforms into an "interstellar jet", with the bow runways folding out as the wings. Flattop can either clip into the cockpit area while standing or sit inside, while the large laser cannons can be mounted on either the large wings or the smaller rear wings. The wheels that were once on the carrier deck now serve as the wheels for the jet mode.


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