Flat-Out is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Flat-Out is the most combat-tested and proficient member of the Super Stunt Mini-Con Team. He also seems to be the oldest and wisest, and is a very close friend to the Team's leader Redline. But it's not all seriousness with him, as he makes time to poke a little fun at Servo from time to time. Stalwart and brave, he's determined to win Mini-Cons their freedom from the whims of their dark creator.


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  • Super Stunt Team Micron (DVD pack-in, 2003)
A redeco of the Street Speed Mini-Con Team member Oval, Flat-Out transforms into a Saleen S7 luxury car. He was only available with limited-edition copies of the first Micron Legend DVD, in a three-pack with his teammates Redline and Servo.
This mold was also used to make Armada Nightscream and Plug. It was planned to be used for Energon Brakedown and packed with Ultra Magnus, but that release was changed late in the production run and given a different Mini-Con Team.


  • Micron Legend Volume 1 was the only DVD in the series to come with an entire Mini-Con Team; the rest only had a single Mini-Con per volume.
  • Flat-Out's coloration was going to be applied to the unreleased Energon Mini-Con Clocker. That whole team was a "one-off" of the Super Stunt Team, shuffling the colors from each member onto different molds.

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