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Flashdrive is a Mini-Con from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Flashdrive is one of many power-enhancing Mini-Cons who help the Autobots search the galaxy for pure Energon ore. Accidentally assigned to Barnstorm's Elite Flying Corps, this jumpy young 'bot is way out of his league, and will probably end up dead before too long. [1]

Cheery, no?

Japanese name: Processor



  • Processor (Micron Booster, 2004)
Booster ID number: 2
Flashdrive/Processor is a red redeco of the Mini-Con Thunderclash, transforming into a Cybertronic gunship. He was sold as part of the third Micron Booster assortment in Japan, in individual, blind-packed boxes so you did not know which Mini-Con you got until you opened the box and opaque black plastic bag inside.
This same mold is also used by Barnstorm/Saber and Trickshot/Triac.


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