The name or term Flareup refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Flareup (disambiguation).

Flareup is an Autobot from the Animated continuity family.



Transformers Animated

Voice actor: Susan Blu (English)


Flare up, the southern gal'

When Sentinel Prime and his crew returned to Cybertron with several Decepticon prisoners in tow, she was among the crowd saluting Sentinel. Decepticon Air

Flareup was amongst the crowd when Ratchet and Captain Fanzone were transwarped to Cybertron. She, along with the other Transformers, was disgusted to see the "filthy" Organic. Flareup told Grandus to step on it, but Ratchet stopped them. Both Flareup and Grandus was shocked that Ratchet touched the organic. This is Why I Hate Machines


  • Her Head is based on the character Firestar while her body is based on Flareup.
  • It is unknown whether she transforms or not. It is likely she does because she has wheels on the back of her robot mode.
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