"And so, good triumphs over evil!"
―Flamesnort in The Golden Knight.

Flamesnort is the rare noble sort of Decepticon. He firmly and honestly believes that he is fighting for a gallant cause, and that the good of Decepticonism will inevitably triumph over the evils of the Autobots, as long as he does his part to aid in the battle—even if it's been a thousand cycles since command last answered his communications. Due to his age and his isolation he's started to go insane.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 4


During the Great War, Flamesnort was stationed on Earth along with a seismic-shock warhead he was charged with protecting. Time wore on and Flamesnort lost contact with Command, but continued to try and re-establish contact. The remote English island he was located on ensured he was not disturbed, until, that is, his transmissions were detected by Fixit and Bumblebee who came to investigate. Believing them to be the vanguard of an Autobot fleet, he attempted to extract information from them, but retreated when he was unable to defeat Bumblebee. After attempting another report to Command, he tried a different tactic, surrounding a couple of humans in a ring of fire so he could again fight Bumblebee. He almost lost the control key for the warhead during the battle, and after the two humans escaped, Flamesnort instead opted to return to his cavern and activate the warhead. Fortunately for planet Earth, Bumblebee and Fixit were able to catch up with him and deactivate the weapon, defeating the Decepticon in the process.



  • Flamesnort's character model is similar to Crazybolt.
  • Flamesnort is the only Decepticon who is active when the Great War is over. He is also the oldest Decepticon to date.
  • Flamesnort doesn't have a vehicle mode.
  • He's unaware of Megatron's exile.
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