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If words really could win the war, Fizzle would have ended it centuries ago by sheer volume. He's actually not too bad a strategist... he's just nowhere near as good as he claims to be. He's constantly coming up with elaborate fantasy-world scenarios of his greatness, and absolutely refuses to accept any blame for his failure to reach them.

He can sometimes be found drowning his sorrows in cheap energon. During these moments of over-energizing, he really gets bad at the bragging and blaming others. Once it's out of his system, he apologizes... but then he's right back at it again later.

French name (Canada): Pétille


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Look, at least Sizzle's UK colors make sense. I transform from an entirely red robot into an entirely blue car.

Fizzle and his fellow Sparkler Mini-Bots were sent to Earth on an observation mission to be on the lookout for Galvatron's possible return. Once he did return, though, they could do little more than follow him to Florida, and radio desperately to the Wreckers for back-up after Galvatron took a swim in the ocean. While waiting for a reply, they were caught off-guard by the Firecons. Forced into battle, Fizzle demonstrated the quick-thinking and determination that earned him the function of "Strategist": he got set on fire, screamed like a Femmebot on a bad paint day, passed out in the water, and had to be rescued and returned to his peers by a bemused and mocking Galvatron. Enemy Action

Seeking competent aid, the Sparklers broke Ultra Magnus free from the hardened magma that had trapped him in a volcano since his last bout with Galvatron. Luckily for them, Magnus was too out of it to ask why they didn't do this earlier. Once Ultra Magnus crumbled at the sight of Galvatron in their next encounter, Fizzle once again came up with a brilliant strategy to, quote: "give this everything we've got." Unfortunately Galvatron's strategy -- to pick up Fizzle by the arm and use him to bludgeon the other Sparklers into submission -- seemed to be far superior until Magnus snapped out of it and got in a few lucky, rage-filled punches. Salvage!

Returning to Cybertron for assistance, the Sparklers and Ultra Magnus got caught up in several misadventures, and ended up not returning to Earth with the Wreckers for the next battle with Galvatron. City of Fear Meltdown Deadly Games

The Sparkabots were next seen in Decepticon custody on Cybertron, but Fizzle, Sizzle and the Triggerbot Backstreet were suspiciously set free and sent to Earth by the Space Bridge. It seems Lord Zarak of Earth had set up a sham foundation to hire human bounty hunters to hunt down Autobots for him. He had Fizzle and the others released from Cybertron as bait for a controlled test of these human Roadjammers, and their mode-lock jammer technology. After his two friends were jammered and taken into Roadjammer custody, Fizzle attempted to use his gift for strategy to avoid the same fate. This earned him a shotgun blast through the windshield...and being taken into Roadjammer custody. Fizzle and the others only escaped due to the Roadjammers' overconfidence in attempting to take down three Decepticons and Scorponok himself in addition to their chosen targets. Ca$h and Car-nage


Generation One

  • Fizzle (Sparkabot, 1988)
Fizzle transforms into a Baja buggy. As a Sparkabot, in this mode he has a friction-motor gimmick that not only propels his vehicle mode forward when "revved" up by pushing him forward on his rubber gear-wheel, but causes "cold" sparks to shoot from his back end.
This mold was also used to make Blaze and Wildspark.


  • Fizzle and Sizzle's robot-mode colors were switched throughout the original Marvel UK comics, resulting in a red-and-brown Fizzle and a shades-of-blue Sizzle... who turned into a blue buggy and a brown funny car, respectively.

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